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Your Entire Demand Marketing Workflow Centralized and Automated

Go beyond lead management to full-fledged end-to-end B2B campaign management.

RFP Proposals

  • Customizable templates
  • Automatically send out RFP requests
  • Compare & score proposals
  • Award proposals

Campaign Automation

  • Holistic view across entire campaign
  • Set campaign using drag & drop custom fields
  • Optimize & reallocate spend throughout campaigns
  • Approve previews before publication

Insertion Order Automation

  • Easy-to-use templates
  • Auto-fill allocation details
  • Create, approve and sign all Insertion Orders
  • Holistic view of Insertion Order details

Lead Automation

  • Define lead capture details
  • Define delivery restrictions
  • Scrub and manage encrypted suppression list
  • Automate cleansing and verifying leads

Approval Workflows

  • Manage all approvals within the platform
  • Approve RFPs, Campaigns and Insertion Orders
  • Preview & approve campaign assets
  • Self-approve or request approval


  • Integrate with any marketing automation platform
  • Integrate with any CRM
  • Automatically pass qualified leads onto any system of your choice
  • Track status of leads automatically

Messaging & Communications

  • Track all communications in one place
  • Message individuals or groups
  • Send private messages to any user or groups within a partner
  • Message right from the module and associate your message to any Campaign or RFP or Insertion Order

Performance Metrics

  • Embedded analytics
  • Optimize campaigns in real-time
  • Run & export reports or schedule reports
  • Apply predictive analytics to future campaigns

Powerful Automation with Powerful Results

Discover how Enhancio’s Demand Automation Platform can make your job easier by saving you time while helping you generate more opportunities and revenue.